the pink pink lake

So I heard there's a lake that looks like a Strawberry Milkshake, it's called Retba and it's located in Senegal, it's pink due to its high concentration of salt and it's just like the Dead Sea, you can float easily! Some people even say there are days when the pink turns purple ish...
...I'd like to go there, just to float a bit or simply take a picture there, see it with my own eyes! It looks soooo awesome!
We have to love mother nature!

If it looks as beautiful as in the pictures I'd totally get in it, although it's super salty so I'd probably look like Snow White after it, but covered in salt! 
There's people selling that water, I don't think you can drink it, but it's just pretty you know? It's always better than buying a can of air. yes air. You can buy canned air from Prague so... if you're crazy, buy that as a souvenir, bet your friends will love it ahahha.
What do you think of this lake? xxx, Rita


  1. Omg that lake is soo pretttyyy I love it haha cant believe its real its looks so amazing i reckon mother nature deserves a standing ovation for that one Haha Lovely blog hun dont even know how i came across it but so glad i did Definately following! & were both 15 and both vintage freak's woooh! check out my blog if you want hun us vintage freaks need to stick together Lool xox



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