Rama lama lama ka dinga da ding-dong

Hiya! Finally I saw Grease..
...It's my mom's all time favourite movie and she says she watched it loads and loads of times and still gets goosebumps with it! I loved it:
I knew the cast and some of the songs, because back in 2002 (age 5) we did a childish version of Grease  at the Kidden garden and today I finally watched, it's only a 2 hour long movie: THAT'S NOT FAIR!
At first I was going to watch it yesterday, but only did it for 7 minutes due to my tiredness and the first thing that caught my eye were The Pink Ladies' (Rizzo, Frenchie, Jan and Marty) jackets: love at the first sight:
They're like a girl gang, not High School most popular girls and still walk like they own everything, pretty fearless. Then Sandy Olsson turns out as the new girl, not immediately a Pink Lady but definitely a new friend, specially for Frenchie (the beauty school drop out haha) and except for Betty Rizzo, when she finds out Sandy and Danny have already met before!
These are the boys, Danny Zuko and his also gang ish friends The T-Birds with Greased Lightning, in a dream, because it used to be a rusty car, then it turned out to be this:
One of the moments I enjoyed the most was the Dance-off:
Why? I love all the dance moves: The Mambo, the West Coast Swing, the Cha Cha, the Stroll AND  the Jive!! Plus, the clothes are amazing!
I love everything about it: The t-strap shoes and the bubble dresses, the high waist capri pants and the off the shoulder tops, scarves...their hairstyles, Sandy's headband, Frenchie's 'big mistake' about dying her  hair fluorescent pink or styling it as a pineapple... It's impossible not to adore!
The final is epic and puts an end to this post too! (I think this is the longest post I wrote and I could say I'm proud I have a big post, but that doesn't really matter, because you can start reading it and be like 'that sucks' or you can also think 'that's clever!' anyway, that's something I appreciate to hear from you, if it's good: Thank you, if it's bad well I'm going to work on it!) 
In the end a wild and confident Sandy appears and totally surprises Danny, who appears as a jock! 
Rizzo's pregnancy was a false alarm and Kenickie wants to marry her! Well, basically they all end up together singing and all...
Annnnnd that's it... If you never watched Grease take 1 hour and 50 minutes (it's not even 2 hours come on) of your life to watch it, you'll fall in love with everything! 
xxx, Rita


  1. I haven't watched this movie yet. :)
    But now I really want to. ;D


  2. I have to admit, never seen it!!


  3. It's one of my favourite movies ever! Great screen caps too <3

  4. isso deve ser tipico das maes, q a minha tb adora esse filme, ate lhe ofereci uma ediçao especial no natal ahaha

    gostei bastante do teu blog e ja estou a seguir :) *

  5. Love grease!! The pink ladies are awesome!

  6. I still haven't watched Grease.... I don't know why... but I need to so I can get all the references people make. haha
    maybe I'll find it and watch it this weekend....


  7. LOVE grease!


  8. Eu gosto especialmente das coreografias, tão giras :D

    Gostei muito do teu blog, estou agora a seguir! Beijinho*

  9. Nunca vi!
    Gosto muito do blog :)


  10. I love grease, but then again...i dont know anyone who doesnt!


  11. felicia wing4/29/2016 6:58 pm

    just wondering if you have any advice on where I can purchase a pink ladies jacket that doesn't look cheap and cheesey ???


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