Kate ♠ Spade NY

I'm currently obsessing with Kate Spade, I knew the brand before but I didn't really care about it...
...things change!

What's Kate Spade New York?
Kate Spade New York is a fashion design house, founded by Kate Spade.
  • Before, it used to sell handbags only, that's why in 1993 it was called Kate Spade Handbags, the ''handbags'' in the name has disappeared later when Kate began to create and sell clothes for women.
  • It has expanded so much that now, there are notebooks, cell phone covers, home stuff, eye wear and even a male line called Jack Spade (by Andy Spade).
  •  The first shop opened in 1996, at NY's SoHo.
  •  The logo is ''kate spade'' ALWAYS lowercased with a spade on top. ADORI-CUTE!
When I think of it I think about colour, tons and tons of bright and vibrant colours, femininism, girly patterns!
Well, see it for yourselves!

The adorable bedding colection:
and some Phone Cases (unfortunately, those are only available for those with an iPhone)

After a while thinking, I've got to a conclusion of what outfit I'd put together from kate spade... YES! ''After A WHILE thinking'', because it's too difficult to make any reasonable decision when facing such cute things...Here it is:

Since I'm really girly and I like bold colours, this brand is definitely the perfect one for me and one of my favourites!
I found this Jolie skirt and tried to match it with some of its colors: black and white, but it didn't look much edgy... I felt like I needed something bold and different in it: the shoes! I chose those electrifying neon blue ones because they stood out and still look good I think...
The handbag wasn't a tough choice at all, I found this little beige and black one with a big bow in it and I found it perfect, once the skirt has those colours and bows as the pattern. The white ring I didn't think about it at all, I found it pretty and that's it, the hat goes well with the rest! 

Tell me what you think of this post, this outfit, if you like or dislike my choices and I hope you enjoyed these pictures with some of Kate Spade's brilliant work! 
Stay safe!, xxx, Rita


  1. I am such a fan of kate spade! Everything is so feminine and beautiful!

  2. Lovely blog… I adore it!
    Follow each other on Bloglovin / GFC? Let me know in the comments... I will be more than happy to follow you back!

  3. love your choices, especially that pardon my french top CUTE! thanks for the comment on my blog hun had to check yours out too and it is so so sweet. love it :)


  4. such a great post :)
    visit and follow my blog if you love to , i'll follow you back dear :)

  5. Beautiful items, love the bag and tshirt :)) Have a great week doll. xx

  6. I LOVE Kate Spade! I recently got one of her iPhone cases (the one that says, Quick and Curious and Playful and Strong on it).. Following you now! :)


  7. I love, its very cool & creative!

  8. love this! followed you in gfc, hope you can follow back! http://xxxloveisbeautyxxx.blogspot.ie/

  9. Wonderful photos!

    xo Jennifer



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