Italian, I'm in love with italian...

Every time I think that 3 years more and I can have my driving license - in Portugal you are only allowed to drive at 18 - I think of having a car, but... I love my bike... although my bike won't drive me everywhere, so I thought 'what about a scooter? like, a cute pastel coloured Vespa?' That would be swwwwweet!
Is there anything cuter? A guy in my street has a cream vespa scooter and it's really vintage with two blue and red stripes at the front! I need to take it a picture as soon as I get my phone, I also need to show you my new optical glasses and my newest pen Marta brought me from her trip to Cannes! Now I think I'm going to sleep... or just keep on watching Drop Dead Diva... 
... Not a hard choice, after the hard day I had, I'm tired, need to rest! xxxx, Rita

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  1. amazing bikes, true )))))
    Thank you for your lovely comment in my blog, dear~! ) Yours is so nice and full of interesting ideas, so yes,
    I will be happy to join it immediately~! )
    waiting for you in mine - hope we will be friends :)
    Keep posting~! )



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