I'm hungry for a kitchen

Kitchens like these...

...drive me c.r.a.z.y! 
I really love 50's, 60's kitchens, very ''I love Lucy'' and I also love pastels so I think my dream kitchen could be a bit modern but there's this one thing it couldn't be missing: the 50's fridge. 
I love fridges from the 50's, it's like, a real real love and I don't care if the whole kitchen is madly modern, since it has a vintage fridge! (Maybe when I grow older, if somehow I have the chance to find any kind of fridge like those, I'll try to get one even if it doesn't work! I can always turn it into a secret book shelf or a place where I put all of my accessories, my scarves and hats, you know what I mean haha.)

Something like this: bright, modern, cute, and it's got a marvellous baby blue fridge. HEAVEN. Of course, the flowered Cath Kidston ''ish'' flowered background and the mint lamps help alot the cuteness, but here we are again, my dream kitchen could be a bit modern and still vintage like this one!
Tell me what you think about this quirky obsession with fridges and this whole random kitchen talk, jope you enjoyed reading this post! xxx, Rita


  1. Oh Rita! Thank you so much for your comment, it was so nice from you to try to write in spanish and let me tell you that you succeed... you didn't have any mistake! On the contrary, I can't even try to talk in portuguese cause I only can say "obrigada" and that's the end... I can't pronounce anything else hahaha
    loved the second picture and have a super nice day!

  2. They are so perfect! <3


  3. I LOVE this style of kitchen, always have! It's so retro and cute.


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