hey you!

Marta in my glasses
'something' I found on the floor, dirty dirty people...
I look like Shrek (no offense Shrek, I love you)
a feather I found on the floor, poor birdy who lost it. 

So, today I had a blast! 
My morning was normal, I woke up, had some tea and later lunch... after lunch I met Marta at the Cake Shop (as always) and then we went for a walk and took advantage of it to take some photos:
We went to the park (as always), where I found the feather and the smashed coca cola can, to the parking lot, where the other photos were taken and afterwards stopped by the the Cake Shop for some snack (again, as always) where I ate the usual: a chocolate croissant and shared a coca cola with Marta. 

My Outfit: the 'hey you' loose fit shirt from Zara (a friend of mine got it for my birthday), a pair of high-waisted black jeans from Burberry London and a crochet jacket from Mango. 

Marta's outfit: the shirt is her mom's and both bandeau top and jeans are from Zara, the nailpolish is from Kiko Cosmetics!

If you're wondering why my hair is like that I can tell you: today after the bath my hair was looking really weird, so I made a bun and that's it...
In my glasses, Marta looks like a yummy chocolate chip doesn't she? DAYUM!

So, hope you enjoyed this post and stay tuned (that sounds soooooo commercial ish, jeez). xxx, Rita


  1. Such cute pictures! I cannot get over how adorable that shirt is!

  2. Aw I love your shirt!
    In reply to your comment on my blog... I just watched the trailer for Requiem for a Dream- that looks totally freaky. And meth is just horrible. I live in Wyoming and there's a huuuge meth/ drugs in general problem (the state started this whole ad campaign called Wyoming Meth Project, and dang, I will never ever touch that drug). OMG yeah drugs are bad.


  3. lovely shots, you look adorable :)
    would you like to follow each other?

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  4. Aw these photographs are so much fun! You look so cute and I love your t-shirt!


  5. Lovely images... you So Shy face is so cute


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