HELP! #2

Hi there! I need your help to a very simple, but also, hard task.
I feel like my blog isn't looking as organized and clean as it should... So... I need you to give me ideas and your opinion on how you think the blog should look like! Well, my followers' opinion always come first and I think there isn't anything better than ask people who read the blog and who 'enjoy' the blog to give their opinion about its looks! How would you like to see it 'in the future'? More vintage, modern, you choose :)

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  1. Even if you stop using the blog, don't delete it! It is nice to look back on :)

    I think it is a very good blog, especially considering your age. You are younger than me and have a lot more followers :)

    I think your blog layout is pretty good, I really hardly know how to do all those things!


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