Demi Lov(ely hair)ato, dip dye and others

I seriously don't know what went through Demi Lovato's mind when she decided to dye her her, but I like it.
She has changed alot, if you don't remember her from her CAMP ROCK days I remind you:

And now she's like this:

I think she's simply beautiful, I only knew about Demi in 2008, when I watched Camp Rock and I fell in love with her, she was like a role model, the perfect 16 year old and now she grew up and turned into this beautiful young and fearless woman! It's impossible to hate her... 
What I find even more amazing is her hair, it's totally awesome! 
In the picture above she's rocking a tall dip dyed ponytail!
When I grow older, like 18, 19 I plan on dying my hair too and I love Demi's right now because it's not fully pink or fully green!


Lauren Conrad

Katie Bosworth

And also Jessie J....
Sooo, that's it, tell me what you think, I started to write this post at 2 p.m and now its 2.12 a.m and I'm posting it... I've spent the day at Rita's (other Rita) and I took her some cool pics at the pool... just chilling... 
I'll post them later! xxx, Rita


  1. I absolutely love Demi, but I seriously miss those Camp Rock days!

  2. I know it became a trend to have neon tip for the hair. I think it looks great. I have short hair so I cant do it but I really like it. And Lauren is so pretty I love her.

  3. I really love this hair trend :) it's really cool!


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