'Butter ain't cheese sweetheart''

So this morning I couldn't stop eating butter toasts and my mom was always like ''Oh honey, butter isn't cheese, you have to be careful with your health!''.
AaaAaAaAaAnyway, besides my latest obsession with toasts drown in fat, I'm also obsessed with Gossip Girl...
...When it comes to my style, Blair serves as an inspiration , because my style is really vintage and classic,  then I just add it my salt and sugar (and butter hahahah)

Of course, Blair is a spoiled brat, she wants Chanel she has Chanel and she's more preppy than me, but yes, we have some things in commun!

I like it when it's Winter... Either in Gossip Girl or my life, I just love winter and Blair wears it perfectly. Always classy with Trench Coats, colourful tights, a cute bag and headbands!
I think this Winter I'm going to use some colourful tights with my trench coats too, because I'm always wearing skirts, dresses and shorts with my baby pink socks and I think it would look cute, therefore I need colourful tights like Blair's and Jenny's and the whole gang's:

I hope you liked this post... Hope it's not boring hahaha remember, take care of yourselves, butter isn't cheese!! xxx, Rita


  1. Gossip Girl! I like Blair's style too.


  2. nunca vi esta série, mas adorava!

  3. I just found your blog you are very inspiring!
    mind to check mine??
    xoxo love u

  4. Loove Gossip girl i got back into it like a few months back and finished the entire season 5 in like a weeks Haha also love the fashion in it Blair always looks so classy and sophisticated but I also love sarenas style so glamorous and fashion forward we could be the new b and s you dress like b I'll be S lool. Lovely post dear! xox ooh youve insipred me to do a post on 90210


  5. Blair has the best fashion sense on gossip girl. Sweet looks. Hope you are having a good week.

  6. The fashion is one of my favorite things about the show.

  7. I feel like butter and cheese are pretty comparable as far as nutrition goes... we shouldn't really eat a lot of either one, haha. Anyway, this was fun to read--I've never seen the show, so I felt like an intruder peeking in. (:


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