a very very very little obsession

Since liiiiiike, the beggining of this year I've been obsessing over bell-bottom pants.
Nowadays it's kinda rare to see people wearing bell-bottom jeans, because of the attack of the skinny jeans and leggins and jeggins and all that, but I don't drool over it.. I'd rather wear  high waisted bell-bottom coloured pants, which is really different once I find the denim ones a bit corny, although it depends on the denim... the ones I don't like so much are the bleached blue ones... so... bring me some colour!

These are all from the 70's and I find them really really really lovely, I like the ones on the first picture better, because of its colours. 
The pants from the second picture are more ''earth tone'' ish and knitted so I guess  I'd probably wear them during winter. PROBABLY, AS IF... I'd totally wear them during winter...so warm and confy I could use them as a blanket (nevermind, this joke is just another fail) !
I find the brown pair really interesting and cute, not only because of the colour, but because of that little pattern, I love it! 

This is what I'm talking about! Colorful, fun and patterned! 
What a dream! This ones are from Wrangler and I suspect they are from the 70's too! 
I guess I'll look for some out there, kinda hard, but anyway, I'll look for some in my mom's and aunts' wardrobes!
See ya, xxx, Rita


  1. Yes, these are so much better than normal pants! I think high waisted pants are better than low waisted ones! And I always liked bellbottoms. When we were kids we cut up some old pair of bellbottom pants of my dad's so my brother could wear them. I wore one of the bell bottoms as a skirt. That is how big they were! (although I was pretty tiny, too).

    the other day, I saw a boy who had re-sewn his jeans into bell-bottoms, you could see the different coloured material showing at the bottoms. but they looked really good!

    I would advise finding a relative who can sew and a good old 70s pattern from ebay and getting them to teach you how to make them! Then you can have as many pairs as you want!

  2. I barely wear pants anymore....but I LOVE bell bottoms...they are my kind of pants :))) I used to wear them as a child & then borrow my mom's when I got older!! Now I feel like searching for a pair :)))) xx

  3. Looks like you pre-empted a fashion trend. Well, bright floral pants, even if they are not bell-bottoms.



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