1st anniversary!

Sooooo, today, the 25th August 2012 it makes a year since I created this blog and I never really expected it to go this far! Some of you are thinking 'a year? that's nothing but a year' well, if you knew me for real you'd know that I've had a million blogs before this one but didn't take them for real, so I deleted them all, the longest lasted half a year, so it's kind of a miracle that I'm still writing here!
For me it wasn't only a year, it was the year when it all started! I made lots of friends also bloggers and I grew up!
A HUGE THANKS to  my friends who always helped me deciding this and that and specially to my followers and anon readers: without you I wouldn't have anything to be stuck here and now I can try to, but I can't leave this blog!
I was watching tv, thinking of what I was going to write here, how to thank everybody for the support (you know, cheesy stuff) and then I came up with the idea of making a quick & easy cake! So I did a cookie one...
There's not a full recipe to this, well there is but there's no need to use it:


  • whipping cream
  • cookies
  • condensed milk
  • sugar (opcional)
  • coffee
  • milk (opcional)
So, put the cream in a bowl and add some sugar (or you can also add a little bit of condensed milk, JUST a little, for the taste) and whip it. After that, find a plate where you can put the cake with the size you want (it depends on the cookies you'll be using).
When you have your coffee ready you can add it a little bit of milk if you don't want it to strong, I did it and dip the cookies in it and place them around the plate as you want it and cover it all with the whipping cream.
Repeat it as many times as you want, basically, it's like building a building with the number of floors you want, in the final layer instead of whipping cream, we'll be adding the condensed milk well mixed! If it's too thick and there's whipping cream left, mixed them both and put it on top! 
You can decorate is as you want it! I used chocolate sprinkles!
I suck at writing recipes hahahaha, anyway I hope you liked this post, happy birthday to the blog and I love you all and bla bla... xxx,stay safe, Rita
P.S- I did the cake by eye, I didn't use any specific quantity, you put what you want hahaha.


  1. Congratulations for the year blogging :) let's be much more!

  2. Parabens pelo blog! <3

    Margarida ♥

  3. Happy one year blog anniversary!! Wish I could try some of that cake! haha

  4. Happy blog anniversary! I'm drooling all over my pc, your cake looks so damn yummy!


  5. Podes crer! Depois de ver este vídeo vou ter muito mais cuidado! Estou a seguir de volta. :)

  6. hm mas que bom aspecto! pena eu ser uma nódoa na cozinha, senão experimentava a receita *-*
    Estou a fazer um giveaway da Dove no blog, deixo o link em baixo caso queiras participar :)

    Beijinho * Monstros no Armário

    Join the Dove Beauty Blossom Cream Giveaway in my blog :)

  7. Happy blog anniversary! <3

  8. Congrats on your blog anniversary, so nice!! I wish you many more birthdays for it too :)) Thanks for the comment doll, I love the dresses most too - which is why they are first ;DD Would be amazing to own one...or two ;) You have a great week too :) xxx

  9. Congratulations, wishing you all the best!

  10. yumiiiii que bom aspecto :) adorava que pudesses passar pelo meu blog e se gostares que me seguisses :)



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