my girl Jemima Kirke

Hey! Lately, I'm totally obsessing with Jemima Kirke!

She's 27, a painter and an actress and I knew about her on the HBO series GIRLS.
 I guess I got easily obsessed with Jemima because she stands out a lot:

  • she's gorgeous, I adore her hair because it's huge and has a lovely colour.
  • her style is amazing- I can't really describe it, although it's around the 70's and many others.
  • she's got an awesome accent. She's from London, UK.
I started to watch GIRLS two days ago and then my interest for her grew bigger, so I googled her and saw some of her artwork, she's great! GREAT G-R-E-A-T!

Both  are self portraits she did and I simply adore the way she paints. I don't know, it's so lovely and relaxing...
Indeed, she seems to be a calm and lovely person! She's a mother of a baby girl named Raffaella, I guess she's 1! Bet she's a great mom! 

Jemima's got two little zig zag tatoos on her left hand, I don't know its meaning, but it looks cute:

(Here, Jemima was photographed for The Artist is Present by Marina Abramovic)
But well, I guess that's all, she's great, blabla, try to watch GIRLS, it's worth it and also check Jemima's artwork out! This week my town is completely medieval! I'll take some pictures along with Marta tonight! xxx, Rita

From left to right, Lena Dunham, Zosia Mamet and Jemima on the set of GIRLS.

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  1. She does sound interesting in real life. I am not sure about the tattoo, but it could be related to her starsign. my friend has a star sign with a symbol that looks like that, i think it might be aquarius. it's two lines of paralell zigzags and she got one done behind each ear.

    I wish my town would go medieval for a week! or Victorian! I hope you take some pictures!


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