beehives and other big stuff- Lana Del Rey&Adele

Hey! Today I'm not going to do absolutely nothing! Cheers to the busy girl.
This summer, maybe, possibly, I'm going to ''work'' on a seamstress along with Marta, she's already there and we're not going to get paid or something, is just so we can learn more about it once we want to be fashion designers! 
Alsooo, this summer I'm into flower crowns (thanks to all the rookie mag girls), beehives and 50's, 60's hair and I've been thinking of celebrities whose hairstyles are AWESOME:

You know her! she's so cute! As a singer  I'm not a huge fan, but her 50's, 60's style is really cool and she's really beautiful!
Check that beehive out, jeez she's perfect, head to toe...
I've seen her newest videoclip yesterday: 'National Anthem', where she's all Jacqueline Kennedy, which is great, because I love both... Hehe, me likey.

In the beggining she sings 'Happy birthday' like a Marilyn Monroe character, and then her song pops out and she appears as a Jackie Kennedy look-a-like!
Her videos always seem to be recorded with a Bolex,  because of all that vintage and oldie look that I adore The greatest thing is, that it's like she was born in the wrong era, she dresses like that in her daily life and her hair is always so awesome. ARGH .

I also adore Adele's hair...
While rising to fame she only stood out for her voice, but  when she started to reveal her newest album songs she stood out as an emerging style icon too...
...I can't describe precisely her style, but it's pretty old-fashioned and radiates a vintage feel, which is great:

She wears a lot black clothes and her hairstyles are always bulky, just like Lana's - around the 50's and 60's!

In "Rolling in the deeeeeeeheeheeep" she's really simple wearing a black dress and a beehive singing her heart out and that's it. The rest is just that ninja-like character, the drummer and the pyrotechnics. It's always like that and I like it because simplicity can be really glamorous!

Although they are totally different, they are kinda similar, not because of their music, but their style.

they both love:
  •  vintage
  •  beehives
  • bulky hairstyles from the 60's 
  • eye cat eyeliner
  • nude and red lipstick
  • fake lashes! 
I think that's it, today it's rainy and I'm still on my pajamas, I don't think taking photos of anything is worthy hahahaha. See you later! xx, Rita.


  1. I like Lana Del Rey and Adele!

  2. Both of them are so beautiful!


  3. Beehives are still my favourite hair look ever. So retro and beautiful!

  4. Oh wow, I wish I could accomplish this with my hair! Perhaps with some hair stylists...haha
    Love both of their styles :)
    And thanks so much for following me, I'm following you as well!

    Trendy Teal


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