rainbow puke

So, this is Nickas, or Ariana whatever, she's the one who offered me those flowers I wrote about the other day! 
She's like, super duper cool: she's nice, she's a really good listener and she's got a great style! 
She's really unique, and she could wear a potato bag that it  would fit her! Maybe if I wore a blue top, a coral chiffon pleated skirt, a denim jacket, some all stars and a brown satchel, I'd probably look like Eleanor Abernathy, The Simpsons' crazy cat lady, but Nickas does not... You can say whatever you want to but I think she looks really great! She's awesome! AND THOSE SHADES, they're Ray Ban, but they're not wayfarers, I don't know their name, but who cares, they're amazing! I'M VOMITING AN INFINITE RAINBOW! 

Oh please, I refuse to talk about this watch, I'm crying of jealousy.

xxx, Rita!